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– An abundance of genomic data at your fingertips

In the spirit of Open Science, the FAIRtracks ecosystem provides technical solutions for the abundance of genome browser track files ("genomic tracks") to become "Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR)" in new research contexts.


Community building

Bridging the data gaps

We aim to connect:

  • data providers
  • biocurators
  • tool developers
  • the FAIR community
  • researchers/data analysts
  • ...and other interested parties

Together we can mobilize the power of genomic tracks!


Quality metadata and services

Working in concert with the FAIRtracks draft standard for metadata of genomic tracks, we have built an ecosystem of services to interface with track metadata, including:

You can connect to these core services both upstream (for data providers/biocurators) and downstream (for tool developers/analytical end users).

Organizational backing

Endorsed by ELIXIR

The FAIRtracks ecosystem is developed and provided as part of the national Service Delivery Plans by ELIXIR Norway and ELIXIR Spain, and is supported by the Track Hub Registry group at EMBL-EBI.

FAIRtracks is endorsed by ELIXIR Europe as a Recommended Interoperability Resource (RIR).

But we need more partners:

Please help us bring the wealth of available track data and metadata to the fingertips of researchers and bioinformaticians everywhere!